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Off-the-shelf or made-to-measure products

Instruments used to identify and quantify radioactive emissions in air, soil, sediment or water samples have to be tested regularly to check they are working properly.
For this, a given level of radioactivity is used as a reference for calibration.  

All samples require a radioactivity standard of identical form and geometry.
LEA offers a wide range of radioactivity standards in gaseous, liquid and solid form, emitting alpha, beta, gamma or X-ray radiation, and exhibiting various different geometries.

LEA designs and manufactures off-the-shelf or made-to-measure products to meet specific customer requirements for particular fields.

The products are used in the calibration of measuring instruments such as spectrometers, liquid scintillation counters, contamination detectors, dose calibrators, etc.

 LEA’s full product range encompasses a total of over 600 individual items, all of which comply with the national and international regulations stated in this catalogue.




Specifically-targeted applications

  •  Medical:

The performance of medical imaging equipment and high-quality instrument calibration are critical to delivering optimized diagnostics and patient information.



  •  Environmental research/monitoring : 

 LEA supplies standards and sources to research laboratories which use highly sophisticated measuring techniques in their work.

  Given the generally low levels of activity involved, and the associated instrument calibration problems, environmental measurements require the kind of high-performance products that LEA can supply.




  • Industrial :

LEA products are suitable for industrial applications like quality control and radiation protection.



Full-scope services

In addition to its manifacturing and calibration activities, LEA also imports and distrbutes specific sources to meet customer's needs.

LEA is also licensed to handle sealed sources, entitling it to assemble and disassemble devices containing such sources.

As part of its environmental protection focus, sealed sources are returned to LEA for treatment and storage.

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