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National and international nuclear and conventional safety standards governing the management and transport of radioactive materials provide the statutory framework within which LEA meets the needs and expectations of its customers.


The Laboratory's activities are covered by a rigorous quality system, which is COFRAC-accredited (*portée sur to provide guarantees in terms of competence, impartiallity and product quality.

Our standards are linked to the worldwide recognized LNE/LNHB (Henri Becquerel National Laboratory).


As well as being subject to ongoing oversight by the French Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN),  LEA is committed to respect its own code of safety practice and to ensure the transparency in dealing with all statutory and monitoring agencies providing the best guarantee for its customers.




Expertise in radionuclides, appropriate selection of supply sources, and capabilities in measurement, fabrication, and packaging count for nothing unless they are properly leveraged to ensure that the product meets the most specific customer request.

Awareness of ongoing market conditions and attentiveness to customers’ wishes enable LEA to keep pace with developing needs by constantly updating its range of products and packaging in light of changing requirements within industry and advances in research.


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