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In 1998, the radioactivity standards product range developed by the French Atomic Energy Commission’s Department for Ionizing Radiation Applications & Metrology (CEA-DAMRI -today DETECS-) was transferred to CERCA’s Radioactivity Standards Laboratory (LEA).

For over 50 years, CERCA, a part of French nuclear expertise, supplies research reactors worldwide with high quality products, which among other areas are used for the production of 99Mo for nuclear medicine applications.

The LEA laboratory, which collects and concentrates in its field of the most advanced techniques and skills activity from CEA and CERCA, becomes the unit specialized in the manufacture of radioactive sources and standards.

Since 2015, CERCA LEA merged with Areva NP to become Areva NP - LEA.



A dedicated philosophy for a highly-specialized field

The LEA laboratory specializes in manufacturing off-the-shelf or made-to-measure radioactivity sources and standards, delivering excellence for all your calibration or measuring requirements.

Our radioactivity standards are used in a wide range of applications, including radiation protection, environmental monitoring, nuclear medicine, research and industry.

Our team of engineers and researchers, the majority trained at France’s prestigious Henri Becquerel National Laboratory (LNHB), enjoys an unrivaled position within the industry thanks to excellent links with French and European partners and a prime location at the Tricastin nuclear complex.

Our team of committed and responsible specialists aims to supply leading-edge products in line with sustainable development principles, while ensuring compliance with the most stringent regulations.

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